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Solar Powered Power Stations in El Paso

We call El Paso the Sun City for a reason. In reality, El Paso only gets a couple days of rain and overcast skies a year, making the city a prime contender for solar solutions. RGC Technologies, Inc. sells and installs solar solutions in El Paso. We offer a solar powered power station that can be used to power everything from air conditioners to RVs.

The Importance of Solar Energy

A lot of our technology today relies on fossil fuels--gasoline for our cars, fossil fuels to generate electricity, oil for various machines. But fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy, meaning the more we use them, the closer we get to not having any to use at all. On top of that, fossil fuels are damaging to the environment. They emit pollutants that kill our atmosphere, dirty our air, and harm our environments in numerous ways.

Energy from the sun is renewable, effective, and doesn’t harm the environment. Solar solutions use energy from the sun’s rays to generate electricity, heat water, and various other tasks around our homes and business buildings. They can also be used for a tax credit, meaning you can earn more on your yearly return. Solar power can provide solutions to the issues presented by fossil fuels while also saving you money.

Commercial Services

At RGC Technologies, Inc., we specialize in using solar solutions to keep your company cool and safe. We offer custom solar power stations that can be used to power your business’s air conditioner, a bank of batteries to be used later, CCTV, security systems, security lighting, and charging stations.

Using solar energy for your business can be beneficial because it can save you money, helps mother nature, and can also help your business become LEED certified and your business building WELL certified.

Residential Services

Our solar powered charging stations can also benefit residential units as well. In addition to powering your AC unit, it can also help power any trailers, RVs, boats, and other appliances you may have. Relying on solar energy can save you money on your monthly electric bill while also benefiting the Earth.

Recreational Uses for Our Solar Powered Power Stations

If you’re throwing a party, want to use solar energy to power a recreational center, or anything of the like, our solar power toolbox can help you out. It is used to generate power for an AC at a center, a jumping balloon, and so much more!

What Our Power Stations Can Do for You

Our stations use solar panels that harvest the sun’s rays to generate electricity. They’re mobile, so we can take them anywhere you need. And with so many applications, you can use them to power a wide range of appliances. Our goal at RGC Technologies, Inc. is to provide you with solutions using technology and by utilizing solar power, we can do just that.

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