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Alarm Monitoring Systems

When it comes to our homes and businesses, security and safety should be our top priorities. With technology evolving every day, we have more and more options when it comes to alarm systems and monitoring. RGC Technologies, Inc. in El Paso offers high-quality alarm monitoring systems that you can use in your business or home. We sell and install the equipment, helping you every the step of the way on the path to improved security.

What it Is and How it Works

Alarm monitoring is a feature that many security systems come equipped with. Essentially, if your alarm system is tripped, it will notify a central station who will then notify authorities if a reason for the alarm being tripped is not provided. For example, if you accidentally set off your alarm, you can notify the station that it was just you. But if no such notification comes through, the police will be called in no time and dispatcher will be sent to your home or business. If the security system is installed and something happens, say at night or over the weekend, the security company will notify you as well.

Monitoring Equipment We Offer

We sell high-quality alarm systems from the some of the best companies in the industry. These companies include Syscom Security, DSC Alarm Panels, and Paradox Security Systems. We also sell and install security gates from Eagle Access Control.

Custom Kits and Equipment

We can also design and install custom security system kits. These can be designed based on the building and your needs.

Why You Should Invest in It

Security is important. The last thing you want is for something to happen in your home or business while you’re not there—or worse: while you or someone you care about is there. Investing in an alarm system with monitoring capabilities can be one of the best and most valuable investments you can make.

We’re Ready to Help!

Don’t wait to get secure. Call us ASAP so we can get started installing an alarm system in your business or home today!

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