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Fleet & GPS Tracking

If your company specializes in using commercial trucks and transportation in general, it’s a smart idea to equip your trucks and vehicles with fleet and GPS tracking capabilities. RGC Technologies, Inc. sells and services tracking devices that you can use to ensure your goods get from point A to point B. Our company specializes in finding solutions through technology and is ready to help you use technology to deliver fleet more efficiently.

Regulations: What You Need to Know

Fleet and GPS tracking can both be used to better your business and supply chain, but there are a few regulations and rules that you should know to ensure you use this technology in compliance with the law.

For one, it’s important to know that most commercial trucks need to have an electronic logging device or an automatic on-board recording device that logs the driver’s routes and mileage. It’s also important to note that any violations or accidents that happen while the driver is on duty must be reported and sent to the appropriate personnel. Lastly, in Texas, if you misuse or illegally use tracking devices on your employees, such as installing them on personal vehicles or editing their electronic logs, you could receive a Class A Misdemeanor, which put you in jail for up to a year.

How Fleet Tracking Works

Fleet tracking works by sending a signal to another specialized device. The device interprets the signal and gives you the location of your fleet. These signals are typically sent out every ten seconds so you can have a constant idea of where your fleet is.

Should I Get it for My Company?

Accurate tracking can actually significantly improve your company’s bottom line. It can help with communication, insurance, and safety. It can also help you budget for fuel, safety logistics, and any accidents or violations that happen while your employees are out on the road.

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We can install and service GPS and fleet tracking devices, including the Rastrac GPS Equipment and Peoplenet Trucking GPS systems in your business’s commercial trucks to help you save money and keep your business’s delivery schedule on track. Call us today to learn more.

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