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Security Cameras from RGC Technologies, Inc.

When it comes to security monitoring, you want the best of the best for the cameras installed with your system. At RGC Technologies, Inc., we sell high-quality cameras that provide clear picture quality, night monitoring, and more!

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Security Statistics: Facts You Need to Know

Installing cameras outside your home or business may seem like overkill, but every day, burglars and vandals are looking for new ways to get around security systems. So wouldn’t you want cameras that will either divert them or catch them in the act?

Well, did you know that your home is 300 percent more likely to be broken into when you don’t have a security system installed? Most security systems come with a small sign that you can put in your window or front lawn that notify potential burglars that you have a security system. Having security cameras installed can save you thousands in damages.

Every 13 seconds, a home burglary is committed. Your best bet to avoid this being your house is to install a security system.

Cameras We Offer

We offer high-tech cameras that come with features important for security monitoring. Our cameras have high-def lenses, infrared technology, and night vision capabilities. Our cameras are manufactured by leading companies in the industry, including HikVision and Syscom.

Cameras for Commercial vs. Residential Properties

Cameras designed for commercial properties are usually made for larger spaces. Because the area is large, cameras may be installed in more areas than they are in residential properties. They also may not be as discreet as residential cameras, so that thieves and vandals are less likely to steal or damage your property.

For residential properties, cameras are typically smaller and are installed above your front door, in a spot that will provide the camera with full coverage of your front yard. Cameras may also be installed in your backyard for the same kind of coverage. Residential cameras are rarely installed inside your home, unlike commercial security cameras. However, both can provide remote monitoring and other similar features.

Which System is Right for You?

Depending on the kind of property you want to secure, you may want different kinds of cameras and security systems. Commercial security cameras are ideal for business, commercial, and office spaces. These cameras can be used inside and out and are capable of zooming in to get more details from your intruders.

You may not want something quite so high-tech for your home for your family’s privacy. Our cameras are discreet, so they can be installed above your front door and not be immediately obvious. They also allow for wireless monitoring, meaning the footage can be sent to your phone in real time.

Important Camera Features

Regardless of the kind of property, you want to be sure your cameras include both video and audio surveillance, nighttime capabilities, infrared technology, and any other feature you deem necessary. Luckily, we sell and install some of the best cameras available, so you can find one that meets your needs easily.

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If you don’t want your house or business to be the next victim of a burglary, installing security cameras is the way to go. Call us today so we can get started!

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